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The foreclosure process begins with homeowners failing to pay their mortgage payments, and when they do not make these payments for three months in a row, the lender can foreclose on the property.

Likewise, homeowners are no longer responsible for their mortgage payments and have to face the foreclosure process when foreclosure happens. When this process is finalized, they lose all of their equity in the home and any remaining rights to live there.

Understanding Your Option When Selling Your House

When homeowners face a pre-foreclosure situation, they unquestionably don’t have enough time to lose since a timeline must be followed. Some of the options available are selling the property the traditional way and listing it or hiring a realtor. A quick decision must be made to get their foreclosure sale scheduled as soon as possible. However, there are other crucial factors to consider.

Selling your property with the help of a real estate agent could be the best way to take advantage of getting the full market value for the property; nonetheless, it can take months up to years to sell a house this way. Also, it’s important to consider that there are only a few weeks of notice right before the lender sale and a whole year of a redemption period, making the sale of your home more difficult in the traditional market.

On the other hand, you have the chance to sell your house until the mortgage company or lender sells the property. That is why, at Flip CC, we’re aware of this situation, and we’re also more than pleased to provide you with a solution. Even if you face this situation, we can still make you a great all-cash offer for the property.

We Can Buy Your Home Even When Facing Foreclosure

Are you facing this legal process? You are not alone since it happens to many homeowners. there’s no doubt that this is, by all means, a difficult situation for anyone involved. At Flip CC, we understand that it can be a terrifying process, particularly if an individual is going through another unpleasant situation, such as any kind of accident, sickness or illness, a type of accident, or any other complicated issue that leaves that person financially unstable.

However, foreclosure doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose your home in every case. If this happens to you or someone close to you, reach out for help! we’re foreclosure experts and will buy your home as soon as possible while keeping your credit score up during the process by using a third-party appraisal from the bank. We can buy your house even if foreclosure is happening with no hassle at all.

You will no longer have to wait for months and face the risk of losing your house. The faster you contact us, the quicker we can help you be updated with the repayments and stop the repossession process. Please don’t wait to contact us; we’re right here to help you with every step of the process!

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It does not matter how much you owe on your house, we're able to buy homes with any type of condition like foreclosure, probate, divorce situation. Since we buy properties with cash on hand, you don’t have to rely on traditional bank financing. Don’t wait to contact us, we're ready to make you an offer!

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