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Sell your house even with tenants still on the property!

A Quick Solution for Problematic Tenants

Tenants can be the worst. They might not pay rent on time, or they might do something to damage your house. It’s understandable if you’re considering selling your rental property because of these problems!

Selling a house is not easy for any landlord; however, having troublesome tenants makes it even harder. There are many difficulties that landlords face when trying to get rid of their properties. Anyone in a similar situation knows how difficult it can be. Some of the common scenarios many landlords face are the following:

Not making the payments on time: This is probably the most common one that pretty much every landlord has faced. Dealing with tenants that won’t make their payments on time can be extremely frustrating, and waiting for their deposit could be financially draining.

Over-stressing due to property management duties: A crucial part of being a landlord is property management since it’s not an easy task. They have to deal with complaints, maintain their tenants’ content, make the repairs for the property, and so much more.

Organize paperwork: Landlords have to stay very organized since they have to deal with lots of paperwork. Consequently, if they don’t remain careful, the paperwork can become disorganized, which can lead to legal trouble if they lose a vital document.

Property damage: there’s no doubt that some tenants can leave landlords with remarkably high costs when they cause damage to the property prior to leaving. They can ruin the walls, floor, or any other part of the house. An alternative to this problem, it’s a great idea that landlords take photos with dates and times since it can help prove their case if they take it to court.

A Quick Solution for Problematic Tenants

At Flip CC, we truly understand that selling a house is hard for anyone; however, it gets even harder when trying to sell one while dealing with rowdy and problematic tenants who don’t care about the payments or the house itself.

That is why we’re more than happy to offer you an all-cash deal for your property – even with tenants still in the house or if the property needs repairs. We want to make it as easy as possible for landlords who have had enough with troublesome tenants and need a change in scenery.

We have the required experience to deal with all the upcoming issues after the closing date. Landlords can now feel relieved and stress-free without having to keep an unwanted rental property.

If you find yourself in this scenario, don’t hesitate to submit your information so we can begin your selling process!

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